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Erica Gallerani
Erica Gallerani is a senior environmental sciences major with geography and Hispanic studies minors. ​Gallerani spent her spring and summer doing independent research at IE’s Galapagos Field Site.

“For my independent research project I am working with Dr. Stella de la Torre on her observational study of pygmy marmosets at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station (TBS) in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Everyday for 6-8 hours I am in the field collecting data on the pygmy marmosets, doing focal studies on affiliate behaviors (such as grooming and playing) and self-directed behaviors (such as self-scratching and self-grooming). During my stay at TBS I have been able to interact with a variety of researchers, see 9 different species of monkeys, and swim in the Tiputini River almost everyday.”

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