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David SalvesenThe associate editors of the Journal of the American Planning Associations recently announced the Best Paper in the latest volume of the Journal of the American Planning Association.

The paper, “Evaluation of Networks of Plans and Vulnerability to Hazards and Climate Change: A Resilience Scorecard,” was co-authored by Philip Berke, Galen Newman, Jaekyung Lee, Tabitha Combs, Carl Kolosna, and the Institute’s David Salvesen.

The article explores land use planning and argues that planning is key to mitigating natural hazards and the effects of climate change. Often communities adopt multiple plans that address various facets of mitigating natural hazards, according to the paper. The key is to integrate and consistently address the community’s challenges, which can significantly impact the vulnerability of the community to a variety of natural disasters.

The authors will be be presented with the award and a $1,000 check at the Annual APA Meeting in Phoenix in April.

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