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ERP_Andrew GeorgeWe are delighted to announce that Dr. Andrew George has joined UNC SRP as Community Engagement Research Associate. Dr. George’s expertise in community engagement in environmental problem-solving, capacity building and democratic decision-making make him well suited to aid SRP in┬ádeveloping mechanisms to support relationships between communities and scientists, and respond to community requests for scientific assistance.

One of Dr. George’s first projects will be facilitating a response to community and local government concerns about vapor intrusion in a low-income, minority neighborhood in Winston-Salem, NC. The City of Winston-Salem has requested assistance in understanding the risks posed to surrounding communities and City contractors working on infrastructure improvements in the area from an underground plume of TCE and PCE contamination.

Dr. George is also beginning work with communities around the state who are experiencing well water contamination, some of whom have coal ash impoundments in or near their area. CEC will be working with these communities to better understand their needs for information and education related to toxic chemicals in private drinking water wells.

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