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The Environmental Resource Program was honored to receive the 2015 Office of the Provost Engaged Scholarship Award for Partnerships at the annual UNC Public Service Awards ceremony, sponsored by the Carolina Center for Public Service.

ERP_teamThe ceremony, held on April 7, honored 15 individuals and organizations at UNC-Chapel Hill that have performed extraordinary public service and engaged scholarship and/or enabled such service by others.

The ERP was recognized for their partnerships with the Upper Neuse River Keeper, Lake Crabtree County Park, North Carolina Division of Public Health and the NIEHS-funded Center for Human Health and the Environment at North Carolina State University and their joint efforts to communicate fish consumption advisories to vulnerable populations who may eat fish caught in contaminated waterways. ERP_Andrews IEThese partnerships have had direct and immediate benefits to those who previously had been consuming or sharing such fish. Other outcomes of these partnerships included better understanding of how people access information on fish advisories and how or whether they factor such information into their decision making.

In recognizing their achievement, Institute for the Environment director Dr. Larry Band noted, “ERP’s work is creative, outward looking, shares leadership and decision making with off campus partners, and therefore is very effective.”

ERP director, Kathleen Gray, accepted the award on behalf of the ERP at the Public Service Awards celebration with ERP staff in attendance.

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