The Center for Sustainable Community Design (CSCD) seeks solutions to the complex planning and design problems facing communities, with the goal of ensuring environmental protection while achieving economic development and social justice. The CSCD works to ensure planning and development occur in ways that engage citizens in decision-making and enhance the quality and character of communities and the environment that supports them.

The CSCD defines “sustainable community design” as planning and development that protects landscape ecosystems, encourages affordable and green community designs, ensures basic public health and safety, supports more walkable, transit-oriented neighborhoods, and enhances economic vitality.

The CSCD is comprised of faculty, professionals, and students drawing from backgrounds in city and regional planning, environmental design, transportation, health, engineering, and the social and natural sciences.

Faculty in the CSCD work locally, nationally, and internationally and are funded by federal, state, and private foundation grants.


CSCD collaborates with UNC departments, centers and professional schools, as well as other universities, organizations and agencies. CSCD facilitates a sharing of knowledge and expertise among a wide array of disciplines, including ecology, city and regional planning, hydrology, geography, sociology, governance, and business.

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