Director Emeritus, Institute for the Environment


11 Grange Gardens, Cambridge CB39AT, UK



Doug Crawford-Brown was director of the Institute for the Environment until 2008, migrating to the United Kingdom after that to direct the University of Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research and the IE Cambridge Field Site. He retired fully in 2016 and remains in Cambridge, focused on support for sustainability projects throughout the European Union, India, Abu Dhabi, China and Japan.


B.S., Theoretical Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S. Theoretical Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Nuclear Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

Crawford-Brown, D. (2015) “Application of Probabilistic Risk Assessment in Establishing Perchlorate and Goitrogen Risk Mitigation Strategies”, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 12, 10374-10390.

Shih, H-C, Crawford-Brown, D. and Ma, H-W., (2015) “The Influence of Spatial Resolution on Human Health Risk Co-benefit Estimates for Global Climate Policy Assessments”, Journal of Environmental Management, 151, 393-403.

Sai Liang, Zhu Liu, Crawford-Brown, D., Yafei Wang and Ming Xu, (2014) “Decoupling Analysis and Socioeconomic Drivers of Environmental Pressure in China”, Environmental Science and Technology, 48, 1103–1113.

Crawford-Brown, D., Pi-Cheng Chen, Hsiu-Ching Shih and Chia-Wei Chao, (2013) “Climate Change Air Toxic Co-Reduction in the Context of Macroeconomic Modelling”, Journal of Environmental Management, 125, 1-6

Crawford-Brown, D. and Crawford-Brown, S. (2012) “Cumulative Risk Assessment Framework for Waterborne Contaminants”, Journal of Environmental Protection, 3, 5, 400-413.